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Random Pokey Tool: Any random tool that is used to pack down or clean out a bowl. Also used to poke in the ends of blunts/joints to prevent nug from falling out the ends.
Yo John, pass me that pencil. I need an RPT to pack down this bowl
by blunt ride September 18, 2010
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Random pork texting, can also be done via IM as an alternative to poking
"Dude, why'd ya text me BACON?"
"RPT, man."
by noriabba November 28, 2011
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A RPT (reecepaultanner) is the name given to a golem like creature that lurks within minge hair. It feasts on the dried specs of cum buried within the hair. Ocassionaly, during the winter the creature migrates to the anus to keep warm. It bathes in the steamy turds that slip out the anus to provide warmth and nutrition. The creature lives alone, due to the fact it has no game with gal. It reproduces asexually, and is known to eat it's offspring. In order to remove a RPT from ones genitalia/ anus, another host must be found to pass him on. This is done by scissoring with the next host and hopefully the RPT hops onto the next minge.
"I reckon shooty arse is caused by a RPT"
by MotorboatAllThingsFemale January 11, 2015
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