An act of being hit and/or soaked from a bottle, preferably filled with dirt and water, thrown by another person

(can be used when soaked in any brown liquid but mainly mud in a bottle)
Hah, Gig got muddied from a Second story window after heading to the dentist appointment. What a fucking loser
by Junior ojel May 02, 2021
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The nickname/moniker for Mixed Martial Arts welterweight fighter Brandon Rivers. The nickname was inspired by the legendary blues musician Muddy Waters.
"Fighting out of Athens, Georgia - please welcome Brandon 'Muddy' Rivers!"
"I've got Muddy Rivers winning this round."
by rkb247 January 02, 2022
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Where The Codiene In Your Drank Is Very Thick.Houston Slang
Cup So Muddy Like A Hog Pen-J Dawg
by Yung Phat Pat June 22, 2010
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If you knew a someone for 10 plus years and y’all got it through the “mud” together than that’s your “muddy” word was also made by the “YGZ” / “whG5pty”and Bronx nyc aka RPT
“This really my muddy right here

“This really my heart knew he for many years (muddyyyyyyyyyy)”
by Bronx king March 28, 2021
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A combination of dirty, dope, and any other synonym of sick.

The word to describe something that amazes you.

A bigger and better dirty.
Ew, his lyrics are too muddy for the radio!

The undefeated basketball team is muddy as fuck.

Yo did you read how muddy that poem was?

His footwork is so dirty. Nah his footwork is muddy
by Eazzzy-C December 28, 2010
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Noun: Simply another word for goth
Verb: The act of putting on Gothic Makeup, dying hair black, etc
Adjective: To Describe a Person or Object
Noun "damn, thats one freaky muddie over there"
Verb "im just gona get all muddie before i go out"
Adjecttive "wow, thats dude sure is muddie"
by Chris-Frances September 09, 2005
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