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Noun: Simply another word for goth
Verb: The act of putting on Gothic Makeup, dying hair black, etc
Adjective: To Describe a Person or Object
Noun "damn, thats one freaky muddie over there"
Verb "im just gona get all muddie before i go out"
Adjecttive "wow, thats dude sure is muddie"
by Chris-Frances September 09, 2005
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(V):The engagement of anal intercourse in a ridiculously large pile of money. Used to exhibit ones sexual and financial greatness.
"I just cashed in my paycheck"
"We should go out to dinner!"
"No, you should get on all fours so I can muddie you."
by Johnny Macaroni April 29, 2005
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A Shorter version of "Mudman" which is used as racist slur against Indian people (Also bengali and nepali).
He is a muddie, dont trust him
by hauder July 15, 2016
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A big catfish especially, one that lives in the mud and also eats anything like raw sewage, decaying matter and other slop.
I just caught a muddie
via giphy
by Critikale May 19, 2018
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