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guys with many girlfriends are referred to as manwhores, which can be demeaning. the difference between a manwhore and a "mr. rogers" is that a mr. rogers has many girls who are "special" to him, and therefore not making him a whore, but a good neighbor.
guy that doesn't get a lot of girls: "dude you just hooked up with the 5 hottest girls that came into our town. you whore!"

guy that does: "i'm not a whore, i am a mr. rogers, and that's what happens when girls i think can be special come into my neighborhood."
by TJandKevin August 21, 2010
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The act of changing into a new outfit upon arrival at your domicile. Often an outfit that is more comfortable and cozier.

Mr. Rogering

Pulling a Mr. Rogers.
I am going to Target for some House Shoes, they will really up my Mr. Rogering ability.

One second let me pull a Mr. Rogers and change into my comfortable house clothes.
by Lefty McBlacken November 19, 2010
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The guy with the TV show that many of us used to watch as a little kid. At times he´s a bit weird, but he definitely gets all the women.
J: Holy shit Mr. Rogers! I love you man. No gay shit!

Mr. Rogers: Nice to see that the kids give me appreciation. Oh pardon of my wives just called me...

Mr. Rogers answers the phone

J(thinking to himself): Mr. Rogers is my hero
by I´mYoGrandpaSoListenUp February 26, 2012
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1. A very sick puppy lacking in morals and integrity. (Not to be confused with the late Mister Fred Rogers of PBS's "Mister Rogers' Neighborhood", who was quirky and maybe a little disturbing to all but the most pure at heart, but always a gentleman and a staunch child advocate.)

2. Mr. (or Ms.) Rogers describes a teacher who uses his position to take sexual liberties with (and/or exploit) his young students. His mental workings are best described in the Vladimir Nabokov novel Lolita. The natural setting for this education preditor is high school, where he teaches subjects that offer little real-world practical application, such as geography and oceanography. (Interesting? Maybe. Practical? No!) Although, Mr. Rogers is now seen more often in the community college setting, where he offers extra credit opportunities in the backseat of his car. This deviant gives a blackeye to the honored teaching profession. His actions have a range of manifestations, including prosecutable sexual offenses and breaches of the professional ethics code, but can often go undetected, e.g., from sex with underage persons to staring down a student's blouse or up her skirt, (see upskirt) and distorting the grading curve by giving the highest marks to those least deserving, but most willing. While historically this deviant behavioral was thought to be expressed primarily in male teachers, in the recent past more women, such as Mary Kay Letourneau, Debra Lafave, and Pamela Rogers, have revealed that education preditors come in both genders. It is believed that male preditors are now more likely to become college instructors so they can avoid prosecution and thus are seen less often in the media. (Ms. Rogers preditors are slow on this learning curve.)

Identifiable Features: Mr. Rogers is notorious for blending into the community and is often a respected member of the establishment before he is discovered. A few Mr. Rogers are considered hot. However, more commonly they have two or more of these telltale hallmarks: horrible rot gut associated stench breath ( aka, teacher breath ), legendary bad teeth (also known as Britiish Teeth and Mouth of Horrors), zombie-like pale complexions, bad dye job, hideous comb over, and osteoporeosis-like bad posture. And on some occassions he/she has an arrogant British accent. This person is often conveniently married, which masks their true nature (making them both perverts and adulterers) and proving them hard to spot.

Double Standard Notes: The Criminal injustice System has seen fit to punish female sexual offenders with house arrest, demonstrating the long suspected inverse relationship between female attractiveness and severity of punishment. (Just ask any black guy in prison.)

Synonyms: Creepy-Teacher, Scary-Creepy-Teacher, Howard Rogers, Pamela Rogers, scumbag , deuche bag
n. Our geography teacher was a such a Mr. Rogers today... he sat all the girls in the front of the class so he could upskirt them.

adj. I got a Mr. Rogers "A" in my geography class.
by Nancy_Drew_Mysterious October 04, 2006
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v. To exchange functional footwear with more office-appropriate footwear, either carried on the person or stored at work. More commonly practiced by women (changing from sneakers to heels), but men are not excluded.
"Man, those shoes don't match the rest of her outfit at all."
"Eh, she'll probably Mr. Rogers at the office."
by redking666 September 02, 2008
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