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One of those Girls/boys you meet and they seem normal and real nice. Then they turn out to be an absolute psycho, they won't delete you number when you ask them to, pretend the don't like you (when they obviously do) , when you turn them down they flip, and call you fucked up names, and text text text you till you can't ignore them. You have tried everything to get rid of them, saying you have a GF, being as polite as you can, even being an absolute cock to them, they wont leave you alone, they keep coming back like a boomerang, but its worse its a Goddam! Doomerang.
Boy1: Who's that keep sending you texts?
Boy2: This girl from work i've told her im not interested at all but she still keeps on texting me man, its driving me mental
Boy1: Shit man that bitch is a Doomerang

Girl1: I met this boy and gave him my number, he seemed really nice but he turned out to be a bit weird
Girl2: OMG you better hope he aint a doomerang or your never get rid of him, shouldn't have gave him your number!
by Jevil Child June 19, 2011
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