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Brayden is one of the well known people who are often M3rkMus1c. Brayden loves roblox. Hes one of the first Youtubers to buy a Lamborghini. The reason he was able to buy this was b/c it was on sale at ToysRUs for very cheap. Brayden only plays Family Friendly games and despises Naughty games. Even though he plays CoD BO3. I guess thats b/c he also loves Supply Drops and Exojumps. All in all, Brayden is gay. Don't be a Brayden

Brayden: No, Opinions are for minions and swears are for squares
by M3RKV01T May 18, 2018
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Mr. Miller is by far the worst fucking Global 10R teacher out there. Every BDF day I wake up in fear of being in his class. Just the stench of pure pepper haunts him as he walks past me. His stupid ass is probably a gay virgin who married and adopted a child to fit in but secretly is having an affair with his neighbor
Mr. Miller is a stupid faggot and deserves to die - Jake
by M3RKV01T April 16, 2018
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