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Originated From a certain British geometry teacher who is completely filled with hypocrisies. Pulling a Miller is when you tell someone not to do or say something, then immediately after telling them not to, you do the thing you told somebody not to do. One of the more prominent examples of Pulling a Miller is when you hear somebody swear, then you yell out "Be Nice!" to get them to stop swearing. Shortly afterwards, you swear at something openly, and loudly.
Student: F**k this work. I don't understand it at all!
Miller puller: Be Nice!!
Miller puller Pulling a Miller: F**kin hell, why are you students so rowdy?!
by SF Boi April 28, 2018
What annoying kids in the 1990s said when something was cool.
Mom: "Dinner's ready!"
90s kid: "Cool Cool Cool"
by SF Boi April 16, 2018
Refers to a certain geometry teacher whom shall not be named who is very well known for his extreme hypocrisies. Such as telling everyone in the class that he will give out extra credit for doing a certain assignment, then giving zero extra credit to anyone.

Another example of his hypocrisies is telling everyone to "Be nice!" If he hears somebody use profane language, even though he tells people to "fuck off" all the time, and yell "fukin hell" when he is embarrassed over anything.
STUDENT: "This problem is too fuckin hard"
while also,

STUDENT: "is this photo we found on facebook of you?"
MR. MILLER: "Mate fuck off"
by SF Boi April 24, 2018