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A system clearly created by the most brained-damaged person to ever exist, but I guess most teachers have brain damage, as in my school they have this one way system that makes all the quickest stairways inaccessible, and another that ends up giving you only 5 minutes to eat at lunch. So I guess teachers love wasting your time, and there's no break in the pattern with Homework, as even though you just spent 6 whole hours at a building you don't even want to go to that is dedicated to work, somehow, theres work left for you to do at home. So wait, there's a building dedicated to work, so why the fuck is work being done at home? Do it in the building made for working, not in your own free time! We could have been having fun. Homework is also the bane of all kids with strict parents, as they will have to finish that extra long homework meant to be done over two weeks, all in one hour.

Fun fact: The average person spends 1 year of their life doing homework in total. 1 whole year you'll never get back.
Example of the impact of homework:

Jimmy, do your homework now or I'll unplug your gaming machine thing.
It's an Xbox mom, And I can't right now because I'm playing an online game!
Pause it!
I can't pause it mom, It's an ONLINE. GAME.
Don't get bitchy with me! You'll pause that game and you'll finish your homework right now!
It's my work so leave me to do it!
FUck u son.
by SolgaleoGaming (Youtube) February 13, 2017
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An old, hunch backed man who has grey hair that is hardly there.
A Mr miller walks around, and seems to have no emotion.

A Mr Miller's theme tune is called 'Hey, Mr Miller!'
This term can be used to describe someone who actually is called Mr miller, and someone who fits the description.
'Woah, look, it's Mr miller!'
'That guy over there that we never met is Mr miller'
'Haha! It's a Mr miller!'
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