Big Dick Frank. This is a specific Style of Frank with more phallus than most. He might be found on a Bicycle with a Big Crank to match his Big Dick. Find yourself a BDF and leave your significant other now
I can die happy knowing I rode BDF's bicycle, and penis
by NotAlexButMostLikelyDevinMunga November 4, 2014
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Billy owes me $80 for that keg of PBR, but he's been avoiding me for weeks because he's a BDF.
by BustedS13 August 15, 2010
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Big Dick Felix
A nickname used for when your mate Felix has a big dick.
"YO look over there its BDF"

"Hi BDF"
by RuBEnWATts February 13, 2018
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"Oh my god I can't remember anything from BDF!"

'What's BDF?'

"Belligerently drunk Friday!"
by wastedwhitegirl January 16, 2012
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BDF=BodyDrop Forever! BodyDrop Fitness is a hip hop fusion fitness class started in Austin Texas.
Hey Girl! Missed you at class tonight! See you Thursday! BDF!!
by FreakFlagFlygirl February 3, 2016
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Bathwater Drinking Fart Sniffer

Someone who is so self obsessed and hardened on an uninformed opinion that they refuse to be told otherwise.
Hey Carl did you hear that Henrietta is a fully blown Anti-Vaxxer?
Yeah Brandon I did, the BDFS is strong in that one...
by Beansinacan September 2, 2021
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