The term is short for Male Pregnancy and is most often used in fan fiction to describe the surprising occurrence of pregnant males. It is most typically seen in male/male pairings, but has occasionally sprung up in other situations. Is most commonly used as an adjective.
The Arnold Schwarzenegger film, Junior, was a Mpreg film.
by For-Chan March 19, 2004
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Often used in fan fics, it is used to describe a story where a man becomes pregnant.
Draco/Harry story
Rated PG13 for Mpreg
by Boochies October 30, 2003
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The term used for a male getting pregnant,in fanfics,movies,sometimes art
Dark Humour,an amazing Hagaren fic by the talented authouress FelisDeityus,is an Mpreg fanfic.EnvyxEd
by wfsdf July 25, 2005
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A Fanfiction term for male pregnancy. Popular among females because we like to make fun of males by making them go through what we girls do when we give birth.
Girl 1 - EEEE! He's pregnant! I knew it!
Girl 2 - Revenge is sweet!
Boy - ...............
Girls 1 & 2 - Mpreg is awesome!
by Kureru Elric January 22, 2011
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The short term for male-pregnancy. Usually seen in fanfiction and fanart work.

Best damn stuff I ever came across and very good to read when you are not in a good mood.

Common fandoms for mpreg include: Harry Potter, Naruto, Hetalia, Bleach, Glee, Super Natural and Kingdom of Hearts.
Girl1: "whats mpreg"
Girl2: delicious~
Boy1: Some sick twisted idea made up by a woman more than likely
Girl2: sick and twisted... no no no, its wonderful and addictive
Person: Its male pregnancy...
Girl2: squeee exactly, so very kawaii
Girl1 & Boy1: You scare me sometimes...
by Ramen7684 February 3, 2013
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male pregnancy, usually written about in fanfiction.
that Eva W mf looks like she reads mpreg fics in public..
by hatclub April 19, 2022
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