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An exclamation of Joy/ Greeting amongst close friends.
person a) on seing person b): "Squeee! It's great to see you!"
Person b): {generally hugs} "Squeee! Indeed, fancy going for Coffee?"


"Oh wow! Oh Squeee! That's fantastic"
by Baloobas April 26, 2005
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The high pitch exclamation of joy a women makes when she is super excited about something. Usually cute or shiney objects.
Oh squeee! *gushes* I loves it!!
by Bjwench June 19, 2016
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-The ultimate super excited YAY!
-Intense enjoyment
-Can also mean "YES" in response to a question or statement

-Antonym: Eeeeeeh...
-SQUEEE! I won the lottery.
-I got a flat tire! NO SQUEEE!
-"Did you get your new car?" "SQUEEE!"
by msgabybaby January 20, 2012
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It is what women and human "males", who are not MEN, write on internet forums because they think it is a cute expression of being happy. These are the same people who write "sigh". They most likely all drive a Toyota Prius or a Smart Car. If these humans are in your office, it is considered customary to beat their legs with a rubber hose.
Oh hey, there is a new episode of Dancing With The Idiots on tonight! SQUEEE!
by Jackmaster Johnny February 17, 2014
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an exclamation of utter frustration or despair
"Oh, squeee!!" she said, as the freshly made potato salad flew all over the floor...
by Lisa Sheftman July 04, 2003
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