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A 'Mozz' is a person or being who has the abiltity to change the outcome of an event that seems certain.
I cannot believe Mitch put a mozz on another one. The horse I backed was going to win by the length of the straight, he said 'just wins' and that instant the horse fell over.
by Wooley April 30, 2015
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A jynx or curse. Also the name of an incredible IDM musician.
Person 1: Have you checked out the new Mozz track? It's dope as hell.

Person 2: No man, I like dubstep.
by jakechambers63 January 28, 2013
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a classy mf that doesn't take shit from anyone. someone who laughs at everything & makes weird noises.
Oh my gosh she is such a mozz.
by ksquaredNugLover August 01, 2016
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