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refers to something being very, very rubbish.
That Radio presenter is so moyles, it makes me want to pull my own eyes out with spoons.
by vbloke June 11, 2006
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An annoying, Mongoloid species of Radio DJ. Can be identified by his total lack of humour and dim wits. Enjoys pork pies and trying to humilate people especially women. Always found with a parasitic attachment called a "Comedy Dave" usually half-way up his arse.

Avoid this Moyles at all costs.

Dangers include obnoxious odours (possibly lethal), The sudden urge to kill and fatal boredom.

Also known as 'that fat cunt'
Did you hear about the oilspill on Brighton beach? That fat cunt Moyles was spotted in the water.
by El Miguel April 18, 2004
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to leave a company, go to a new company, complain incessantly about the original company, complain about the new company, return to the original company with no complaints and a significantly higher salary.
Brian: "Man, I hate this place. I make no money and I work way too much. I deserve more. My youtube links that I send out are WAY better than anybody else's in this joint..."

Chris: "Dude, you should totally Moyles this place... You'll easily get a 20% bump in salary and, best of all, you can continue to keep me entertained all day long with your sweet youtube-osity. It's like taking candy from a baby, really..."
by cfarley February 20, 2008
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Half Chav, half ape creature. Tends to hide his ugly mug behind the veil of radio. A Moyles is known for almost unbelievable ignorance and arrogance whilst demonstrating a total lack of humour or talent. Is usually to be found associating with sycophantic dunces who are paid to laugh during his poorly timed pauses.
Tune in to Radio 1 any morning for a full example. Be warned - you may find the experience upsetting.
by Withnail 101 April 19, 2004
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