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The growing and manicuring of hair on one's upper lip, usually by an adult male. Also referred to as a crumb catcher, thigh tickler, nose neighbour or the womb broom.
by TMMS November 02, 2010
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(n.) Facial hair between the upper lip and nose, may link to sideburns but not the chin or else it becomes a beard.

(n.) Whereas a beard is a female used to cover a males homosexuality, a moustache is a slight interest shown, eg casual looking along with other males, usually at just one woman.
Hitler had a moustache

Was Eva Braun a moustache? Probably not. The only gay person hitler ever liked he had killed (Ernst Rohm), see night of long knives
by Gumba Gumba June 01, 2004
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A hidden collection of something in high volume; (usually referring to sexually explicit material or narcotics).
Don't let the kids open that drawer cuz they might find MOUSTACHE.
by Ashley G October 07, 2003
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