The Party Scene
The Mount offers a wide variety of parties. The sports team act of though they are fraternities and each seem to have a competition to who can throw the best bash. The rugby team is known for the weekend keggers, the lax team is known for the roofie parties, the baseball team for their jungle juice and soccer parties at the townhouses. The best times we have are at theme parties that range from ceo-secartary hoes to 8th grade dance party. The adminstration knows all this campus does is drinks so they provide after-parties but we all show up for the free pizza drunk off our asses.
by Big Bertha April 11, 2005
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Don't let the partying reputation fool you; yes it is a blast at Mount Saint Mary's. The best-kept secret though is all the power players you'll meet down the road who went there! For some reason, Mounties clean up real good and pull in some sick paychecks. And, more importantly, they are undyingly loyal and take care of their own.
Mount Saint Mary's College/University graduates are, for example, senior officials with the FBI, Directorate of National Intelligence, Attorneys, CEOs of major corporations and very active in Maryland politics
by To the Mount! April 4, 2008
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Where everyone knows your name....and your business. This small campus provides a taste of everything. You got the preps, the hicks, the potheads, and gangstas (aka the lax team the rugby team the baseball team and the basketball team) in that order. Now of course you find the ever so dominate group on a catholic campus "God-squad" who going to church everyday is like breathing. The Mount is a beautiful campus and does provide an excellent education among other things.
rides around the mountain
by Susie April 11, 2005
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Yeah, uh, Mount Saint Mary's has its ups and downs, but in the long run it kicks more ass then most other schools I've ever been to. So come here, have fun and wake up and do it all again.
by me April 22, 2005
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Mount St. Mary's a beautiful place to visit but to go to school here is a different story...all I am going to say is never judge someone when their parents are around. It is a major party school, well only when PS isn't busting in and confiscating all the beer for themselves. It is a place where hooking up is more then just exchanging phone numbers...where kissing when you first meet at the party leads to a midnight humping session. Here you are guaranteed to be known by the second day, your name and all your business. The Mount is a place where it becomes kool to drive from building to building blasting your radio between classes and the place to be on Friday nights is the local Pub. It is a place where they are plan things like deciding to build a 3,000 to 5,000 seat stadium ...mind you it is more seats then the amount of residents and students who stay in Emmitsburg..... Instead of building a new dorm and renovating the Terrace before it catches in fire and burns down in 2 minutes. It is a place where tuitions goes up about $5,000 every year... and what do we have to show for it.... Bocce and Disc golf... (Can somebody explain what the hell Bocce Is?) But what can I say the Mount is a beautiful campus to visit...but not to stay.
50 cent's CD is NOT the only rap CD that was ever made!
by HAHA April 15, 2005
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Only place where hicks, preppy kids, spoiled assholes,Long Island bitches, sluts, dogs and god-squads can live in harmony. It is a beautiful place, but shitty place to be. Only hicks and rednecks can appreciate this shitty county hole they call "Emmitsburg". It's where Jersey kids come down and start crying because they don't know how to fill up the gas for their cars. It's where assholes and bitches from New York come for an education, because they were way too retarded to get into NYU or Columbia. It's where Maryland kids come, because they couldn't get into Loyola or wanted to get some Jersey/New York ass. It's where you get to know some hicks if you are one of those sheltered rich kids. It's where a hick can get to know what the hell Abercrombie is. For Abercrombie lovers, it's a hellish place to be, 'cause they don't have a store around. However, you do get to see the clothes on fake-tanned decent girls by day, slutty whores by night and weekends. Dudes are not any better. They are man whores and like to think that they are gangstas. In real life, they are white as they can be and doesn't know shit about living in projects or having a rough life. They all tend to be stupid especially if they play sports. Only redeeming quality is that their parents are rich or rich enough to help them when they graduate with less than a stellar GPA and accomplishments. It's where you are one of those stereotypes mentioned here, you know that you are and you don't give a shit, 'cause tomorrow is another day and there is another freshman girl you need to screw before her freshman 15.
Example - Steve from Class of 2002 proudly proclaiming (writing on the bed frame in his room)the fact that he did anal with his girlfriend in A26.

Example 2 - JRT. Case Closed.
by Always a Mountie April 22, 2005
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A quaint little shithole in the middle nowhere, and by nowhere I mean Emmitsburg, MD. A place where the Keystone flows like wine, and Chad Smith, class of 2006 is the community cum dumpster. An institution where the fun police await to pounce on unsuspecting students from behind every corner and within every shadow.
Chad Smith: Do you have any beer?
Brent Bacon: Yes, but only if you bang me.
by Chad Smith April 1, 2005
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