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A south Jersey town where nothing ever happens. Mount Laurel is just a place to wait till the Jersey Shore gets warm again. Essentialy, the grundle of New Jersey.
Those Mount Laurel kids had a party and, surprise surpise, nothing happened.
by Sabastian Davis January 05, 2006
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The most irrelivent town in New Jersey. The only way to describe it is to locate places around the town like the 2 malls and centerton shopping center, otherwise .. there’s nothing here. You can’t even find a good party here, but we promise if your looking for a juul to hit, this is the place to go. Easier to explain if you just googled it, or just go to cherry hill.
“Where do u live
“Mount laurel.”
“What’s that?”
by Stfukyle March 03, 2018
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Possibly the most over populated area with people suffering from schizotypal disorder because of the obsession to hold people against what they say and do.
Girl 1: "Did you go to Mount Laurel?"
Girl 2: "Yaaasss"
Girl 3: "The grudge is real."
Girl 4: "Proooblems."
by Blakeintown February 06, 2015
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