Commonly used thot language deprived from the English word "Yes" for hood rats who have a difficult time pronouncing it. Expressing excitement, especially when participating in thot activities with fellow thots such as sipping on "Bud Lite Strawberita" AKA thot juice.
Girl, and then I told him I poked a hole in the condom lol Bish yaaasss! *hive-fives fellow thot* His ass a daddy now *sips thot juice*
by Bruh Bruh October 31, 2014
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Yaaasss is the type of gurl who goes out and gets what she wants. Typically someone who is probabaly super gay and loves shoes
Yaassss bish let's get some shoes

Oh gurl yaaasss you better werk
by Wuutttttt February 13, 2017
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The word #timmyfelldownthewell says.
by Yhuirk September 13, 2014
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