1) The female blood-related (and usually legal) caretaker of a child.
2) A series of obscure JRPGS created by Shigesato Itoi.
I'm going to be a mother soon!

Mother 2 is known as EarthBound in North America.
by TheNinjaNerd August 7, 2015
She brought you into this world, and can very well just take you out
I’ m your mother, I brought you into this world and I can take you out as well
by XBlackFireX April 9, 2019
Some one who is evil, or nice and gave birth to you
by JIllian Holtz March 16, 2018
Those anoying people that only say anoying, stupid, embarassing shit. Even so, you can't call them on it because you need their money.
"Do you love your mother"=
"I want to punch her in her idiotic, old face but, I need a ride to the movie."
by Rokenrobin March 4, 2012
A person that likes to make you do things because their to lazy to do them thierselves because "they have worked all day"
Your mother is alway pushing you around
by Tyler Browns bae March 16, 2017
general insult, or exclaimation of distaste.
"You absolute mother"
"Ooooooooh someone's a mother"
"Mothering sunday is drawing near, you cunt"
by Flidwyn McRichardson III July 27, 2005
A mother is someone to protect and guide us
To love us no matter what we do
With a warm understanding and 100% amount of patience
And so gentle that she's just perfect

A mother always knows what is best
"My mother is like a Palos Verdes blue butterfly, very rare but always cherished and wanted"
by Your Daughter Yasmin May 4, 2020