Marijuana pot bud cannibus
Dis fine ass daisy duke asked if i wanted to smoke some motha wit her.
by Or'acle February 19, 2018
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A beautiful, young black gay who is famous on the Bigo live app. His name is Tae but address him as Motha platty, Motha Bigo, Motha generosity or Queen. Motha has a platform and can do justice to any ballroom floor. ALWAYS respect MOTHA of ALL MOTHAS.
Omg I wish i could meet motha platty.

Be fair motha platty is beautiful.
by periodduhh March 24, 2021
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a word used to describe someone, used when frustrated, or just a joke.
a word used by old gregg :)
"its attached to your rod, motha licka"
"shut up motha licka."
"you motha licka!"
by boysenberry muffin March 24, 2007
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A person who acknowledges that they do indeed, know what your mom's ass smells like.
Trav: Yo, you suck ass nigga, and you smell like shit.
Justin Bieber: Your mom's ass smells like shit!
Trav: Dude! This guy likes sniffing my my mom's ass!!! He's a fuckin' motha sniffa!
by tskully1 July 2, 2012
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A person or thing that either causes shock to a person, gains respect of a person, or does something of admiration. Often used in awkward situations, as a greeting, nickname, and for humor. (TM Mark Hentges)
"Oh, what's up motha quff?"
"What a motha quff"
"That motha quff is crazy"
by mobile leprachaun January 24, 2010
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