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A way of living where only those things that you don't like can possibly be stupid, and anything you do must be right and therefor not stupid, no matter how idiotic and ridiculous it really is.
Moronism encompasses closed-mindedness, hipocrisy, racism, and ignorance, and usually a follower of Moronism shows at least two of the above.
If someone (let's say he's a white guy) tells it's wrong to marry someone of another race but secretly has a girlfriend who's black.

If someone opposes something for no reason, and even if someone proves him wrong 600 different ways he still won't even think of changing his mind.
by El Eduardo November 21, 2004
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Dude: What's he doing in that church?
Bro: Oh, he's practicing Moronism
by KaiTheKing October 30, 2015
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