Moreno/a: A term used in Spanish to refer to individuals of dark skin tones. It is not considered offensive, and is commonly used as an endearing term. Unfortunately, because of language and cultural differences, it can be difficult to think of calling someone "moreno" ("dark-skinned one") as endearing.
1. "Mira a esa linda morenita!"
Look at that gorgeous dark-skinned girl!

Mom) "Con quien hablas?"
Son) "Con mi amigo, el moreno. Lo conoces?"
Mom) Who are you talking to?
Son) With my friend, the dark-skinned one. Do you know him?

Mi amigo, el moreno hijo es moreno con ojos claros."
My son is dark with light eyes.
by yo me llamo November 4, 2008
Moreno is a spanish name/last name which means “dark-skinned”
Mom im going to hang out with my friend
What does she look like

Shes the moreno girl I always hang out with
by LM2345 April 25, 2018
Moreno, is used by spanish speaking people instead of "Negro", which is considered offensive, and sounds very similar to the "N-word"
Mira ese "moreno" que esta en el Cine.
Take a look at that "moreno" at the Cinema.
by Jess2089 December 27, 2016
He is so Moreno
by Hahahahaha get rekt October 25, 2020
Morena is a spanish term to distinguish dark skin people. Usually of native decent,like azte, mayan decendents as well as native american people or of belonging too. Negro is a term to distinguish a black person, negro meaning black in spanish. THere is also guerro meaning a blonde person from the scandanavian region decent and blanco(white) is a term the spanish gave themselves. There are also white asians but since they have an oriental eye there are usually distinguish another way like chino and are grouped with the south east asians, dark skin for simplidity, or oriental.
Morena and moreno people are usually stocky bone structure and with out being mixed with spanish have oriental eyes.
by Los Angeles211 September 2, 2006
Un afroamericano (usó por personas que habla español)
An African-American (used by persons that speak spanish)(male)

Un común escribe incorectamentate es Morano... usó por las personas que no habla español
A common misspelling is Morano used by person that don't speak spanish.
Conozco muchos morenos que viven aquí.
I know a lot a blacks that live here.
by Carlos Vázquez July 2, 2006