Alan has More Love for Brandi than she has for him!
by Bigg Logg August 26, 2019
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A song on Beatmania IIDX.

Genre: HAPPY
Artist: Risk Junk
BPM: 200

(song level: difficulty / note count)
Light 7: 5 / 439
7 keys: 8 / 832
Another 7: N/A / 1452

The A7 noteset is one of the hardest in the game, and involves pressing keys at speeds upwards of 800 times per minute.

There is a running inside joke on the BEMANI & Rhythm Action board on GameFAQs regarding this song. Periodically, when someone makes a post that the poster "gs68" doesn't like, gs68 will "go One More Lovely (a)" on that poster. When he used this for the first time on the user xtremeskata32, another person described him as "tapping xtremeskata32 at 800 bpm."
<Person A> Did you hear? LISU beat One More Lovely (Another 7) with one hand on the keys!
<Person B> What?!
<Person A> And he cleared it on Hard mode and with a grade of A.
<Person B> *suffers heart attack and dies from hearing the details*


<Random Person> You're gay.
<gs68> *goes One More Lovely (a) on Random Person*
<Random Person> Ouch! I was kidding!
by gs68-2 February 23, 2005
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A term generally used on social websites, to pleasantly describe somebody who is overweight.
Mary stated that she was 5'4 and had "more to love" in her Craiglist personal ad because she didn't want to plainly put that she weighed 350lbs.
by Ashleydenee July 26, 2008
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Don't lie to yourself. You are fat.
"I'm not fat! I just have more to love! ^_^"

"No, you are definetly fat."
by This is not Hitler October 9, 2006
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a woman that actually eats and doesnt throw up afterwards. way better than those anorexic bitches. no one wnats to hug a skeleton
Guy: I don't want no skinny chicks. Find me a BBW with more to love!
by SexyLexie December 12, 2007
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The feeling that overpowers your mind, your soul, and your body. Your every breath is for them. You fall asleep thinking about them, you dream the whole night about them, and you wake up for them, just in hopes to see them that day. Your heart belongs to them, and beats at the same pace as theirs. Without them, you're lost, and with them, you feel complete bliss. When you see them, the butterflies are uncontrollable and your heart stops beating. They are the only thing you see, the only one you want, and once you kiss them, you're lost in a trance, your own world. You would rather be miserable without them then be with them while they're miserable. You sacrifice everything for them. You change the hurt they've cost you to hope. Hope that they will be better. It hurts to hold their hand because your heart is pounding through your chest. You can't fall asleep without hearing their voice everynight. You remember their every word spoken to you, and you can't ever forget their smile. Everything you do revolves around them, for they complete you. They are your other half. They are your Forever. Your Always. Letting them go will never be an option, Never giving up is your only option.
Baby, no words can explain my feelings for you, i more than Love you, Forever and Always.
by Gimpy Loves Whimpy April 28, 2009
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The feeling that overpowers your mind, soul, and body. My every breath is for YOU. I fall asleep thinking of u, I dream the WHOLE night about u, and I wake up for you, just in hopes to see you. My heart BELONGS to u, and beats at the same pace as yours. Without you, I'm lost, and with you, EVERY moment is complete BLISS. When I see or even think about seeing you, the butterflies are uncontrollable and my heart stops beating. You & God are the ONLY people keeping me sain, and are the only ones that I NEED & WANT in my life. When we kiss I get lost in a trance, OUR own world. You make me SENSLESS but all the same time ALL of my senses are fixed upon you! If you are happy regardless if it is will me I will be happy. I would sacrifice everything for you. YOU change the hurt others have made in my life. You made me have HOPE that my life can be how we imagined. I want to be your wife and mother of your children.YOU changed that and made me realize how HAPPY I could be if I had that with YOU. It hurts to be away from you & I CAN'T fall asleep without hearing YOUR voice everynight. I remember your EVERY word, and I can't ever forget your smile but everytime you DO smile it makes me fall IN LOVE with you all over again as if I was seeing u for the first time. Everything I do revolves around you, for you complete me. YOU are MY other half. You are my ETERNITY. My ALWAYS. Letting you go will NEVER ever be an option, Never giving up is my ONLY option.
by Sandra Krystal Reid September 11, 2014
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