A term used by two lovers, or two Best Friends. Meaning I promise to be here no matter what, If they killed your sister or brother, That you'll never leave their side. That no matter how many things try to destroy you guys, that it doesn't change a thing. Honestly meaning I love you. It's the truest and most accurate promise that Can Not Ever Be Broken. You truly got to mean it, to say it.
Me: I love you.

Him: Forever and Always, right?
Me: Forever and Always.
by StormChaser June 3, 2013
Ryan: we're gonna be together for a long time.
Taylor: forever and always?
Ryan: forever and always!
by The tip of my nut sack November 26, 2016
For eternity, usually used to describe someone's love for food or hate for Joe Jonas.
Bob: I love you.
Joe: Forever and always.
Bob: Aww, that's so sweet!
Joe: What? I was talking about my cheeseburger.
by Fisherman Bob March 13, 2010
The term "My Forever and always" means you love someone so much you want too stay with them forever, and you will always love them unconditionally.
by HerHappilyEverAfter January 4, 2014
A term frequently used by two infamous lovers; Mark and Georgina. They both fell in love at a young age of 14 and 17. They both went on to live the rest of their lives together with two beautiful children and another on the way. Since they met they'd use the phrase Forever, always as in to say 'all of forever'. They had the perfect life and as they'd died in bed together at the ages of 92 and 95, they held hands and whispered 'forever, always'. He promised her eternity; he didn't lie.
Mark: I promise you forever.
Georgina: Forever, always.
Mark: Always and forever.
by Georgie.K.Barrow March 30, 2010