A slightly more practical A6 from Audi to rival the Mercedes-Benz CLS. A 5-door hatchback (liftback), available with 2.8- (204PS) and 3.0-litre (300PS) six-cylinder petrol engines (the latter being supercharged) and a 3.0-litre six-cylinder turbocharged diesel engine in three states of tune (204PS, 245PS and 315PS), with the most powerful engine having two turbochargers for extra oomph.

A high-performance variant - the S7 - is equipped with a 4.0-litre twin-turbocharged eight-cylinder petrol engine; the same engine in fact, as the second generation Bentley Continental GT.
"Is that a CLS over there?"
"Nope. It's an Audi A7."
"Really? they look similar in profile."
by JaaagMan January 22, 2012
kosomek beytala3 sharar. kosomek naketo asmak el be7ar. kosomek beta3 el ashrar. kosomek b bab garar. kosomek malyan kheyar. kosomek te3eb mel 7amar. kosomek gomla nar. kosomek bey3algo el 3attar. kosomek asrar. kosomek shemal. 3amal. kosomek dakhaleto gemal.
by Billy101727 April 27, 2021
Being deleted or removed from a tangible or intangible place because you are not important enough to justify your existence in said place.

The origin of this definition is, of course, the A7 rule in Wiki against creating pages on people or organizations without showing how they are significant.
"Dude, Scott got A7'd from Wiki because they don't think he is an important or notable figure."

"I A7'd Kevin from the invite list... he's not important."

"I A7'd Caleb from the invite list... he sucks."
by jason von proxy December 22, 2009
Famous rapper who won a Grammy and was on genius most famous for her song ‘Kosomek beytala3 sharar
Loved on Twitter
Mimi of a7: kosomek fee kheyar
by Lily tohfa May 4, 2021
Onomatopoeic for "asieté". Asieté/Así eté: jopará for "exactly like that" A- (siete)7.
"No había ko necesidad de comer y tomar a7 luego en diciembreeeeee" -CamiMosha
"Porque a7 es la vida, todo se pilla en el baño" -estibamina
"A7. Tal cual. Been there... Para las personas abusivas, un mínimo de asertividad es "maldad"." NormaFloAllende

Eng. "he said that, and I was a puddle... like that, A7!" -Some Paraguayan around the world. luzaoX
by luzaoX January 21, 2022