A universal knowledge of 'right' and 'wrong'.
The conscience which informs you if an action is 'right' or 'wrong'
The quality to know, and conform, to the 'rules of right conduct'

The moral foundation of the Universe: everyone, everywhere tends to live by certain comman moral principals. Even a thief feels 'wrong done by' when someone steals from him.

Due to a lack of spiritualism in todays society, morality is all but lost.

by samuell October 03, 2006
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Morality is not one thing for one person and something else for another. Morality is a set of guidelines in order to help us live our lives as positively and effectively so that we all may ultimately have a greater grasp at the pursuit of happiness. If we follow our morals, we may find and instill in our souls a greater glimpse of Joy and Peace than we could ever fathom. And if we follow this path, we may find ourselves engulfed in the Grace of God.
Morality is not: It's wrong to drink. Sex before marriage is bad.

Morality is: Do not let drinking, eating, as well as money consume you and take you from the more important things in life, such as God.

If I have sex before marriage, I might thirst more for Lust than Love and/or this could ultimately destroy my future as a loving husband/wife or father/mother.
by thefallenrising August 19, 2008
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A method by which an act can be labeled "right" or "wrong" or "neither". Many moral philosophies exist.

Egoism: "Drinking is wrong because it is bad for me."

Hedonism: "Drinking is right because it makes me feel good."

Utilitarianism: "Drinking is right because it brings about more good than evil."

Libertarianism: "Drinking is not wrong since it does not infringe on anyone elses liberty. It is not right since I am also at liberty to NOT drink."

Divine Command Theory: "Let's burn witches! the Bible says we should."
Christian morality requires that you kill your disobedient children.
by HellRaisin December 01, 2006
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A fictitous belief in what is 'right' and what is 'wrong' There is no such thing as right or wrong. Your actions decide who you are, not words. 'Morality' is dependant on a person. Not society. Each individual decides what is right or wrong. It is not socities choice to decide. But it is the duty of society to lay down rules of morality.
Where is your sense of morality?
Morality is just another word for bullshit!
by Karl Marx October 24, 2004
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A pseudo-philosophical subject which lays at the intersection of ethics and religion. Its primary concern is to take ethical non issues concerning personal choice and masquerade them as the cause of all social ills while ignoring the underlying problems of any given social negative.

Morality is the mask of an artificial enemy.
Religious fundamentalist: Damn those hippies and those queers, with their drugs and buttsecks; they're the reason for everything wrong in this country!! We didn't have problems like this back in my day when everyone listened to God and followed his morality!!!

Rationalist: No, back in your day you had unfair labor practices and sweat shops to contend with. The root of most of our problems are rooted in poverty and ignorance. If we regulated drug sales gangs would dissolve for lack of income. The revenue generated by drug sales and gay weddings could provide quality education and health care for everyone.

Some of the worst serial killers of out time have been generated by a very moral upbringing. See: Albert Fish
by Rainier Ulfson June 10, 2010
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Being Moral is the mask peasants wear to disguise their primal fear & habitual cowardice, so any act of cowardice or fear is passed off as an act of morality
Joe: Fuck Lester, I don't want a 19 years old model GF, I am a moral man

Bernard: Peasant please, why will a 19 years old model shack up with a Peasant?

Joe: Lester is not all of that...I swear I saw him chasing a junkie with ashy knees, he said it was for some movie casting

Bernard: As far as I know Lester is an all around Alpha, all his GFs are pretty. He has one for every taste. Lester helps guys get a taste of their fantasy...save some $ instead of wasting it on low value dates with plain hags

Joe: If you mean going to the concert, all I did was spend $80 on a friendly dinner with co-workers

Bernard: Well at this late stage of your life you have no other option but to be an Emotional Tampon that dines and appeases old hags...alternatively you can reach out to Lester, he can hook you up with one of his fine broads

Joe: Screw Lester, If I want I can get a fine girl on my own...Girls like him now because he spends big $ on them

Bernard: Decades ago Lester first GF bought him his first car a brand new Mercedes, a few years later his other Model GF bought him a BMW...He always had his way with pretty women & got paid for it...At his Mack stage of life he has extra $ good for him, you should be glad you went to school with him, make use of it & quit the moral jealous loser talk

Joe: I don't even have his number man & don't have his address motherfucker is always homeless

Bernard: Homeless he is, will text you his digits later...have a nice day Joe
by Felix Jabs Arnold June 09, 2019
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Hispanic name, which based on common people with the last name (like me), probably means smart, sexy and powerful.
Hot girl #1: who's that hotty walking over there.
Hot girl #2: His name is Juan. I bet his last name is Morales.
Hot girl #1: Why?
Hot girl #2: Cause hes smart, sexy (very, very sexy) and powerful.
by The Sexy Mexican Guy (Morales) November 03, 2010
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