Verb: To jump onto and break an object, such as a table while at a party playing games such as spoons or poker.
Yeah he totally John Moored that table last night when we were playing cards.
by Johnmoe June 16, 2014
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Micheal Moore is a liberal Douch Bag and a Pedofile sic. I Khanate believ he gets away with taht shite!
by Evan B. March 5, 2006
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v. To molest little girls while in a position of authority, especially while making bullshit claims about how your aberrant and horrible behavior is justified by the Bible, or it's fake news, etc. Also see kiddie fiddler.
I beat the shit out of Mark the soccer coach after he Roy Moored my daughter.
by alcifer November 14, 2017
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At the age of 12, Trevor Moore became the world’s youngest published cartoonist with his book Scraps. At 16, he began writing weekly cartoons for several newspapers in his home state of Virginia.

Immediately after graduating high school, Trevor took a bus to LA to pursue stand-up comedy. At 19, Trevor signed a deal with a production company to write and produce The Trevor Moore Show (a weekly sketch comedy program) for some PAX-TV affiliates. Writing late night comedy for a family channel ended up being pretty tricky and after 11 months the show was cancelled due to offensive content.

Trevor then moved to New York and for the past five years he has worked as the head writer for The Whitest Kids U Know. He was also a staff comedy writer for several years at ImaginAsianTV (an Asian television network). He is afraid of dying.
Hey who's that guy hitting that building with a hammer?

Oh, that's Trevor Moore.
by Kaptain Metalbowl January 7, 2008
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Amazing Irish guitarist and singer from the Blues and Hard Rock scene. He is very underrated, but still a legend between bluesmen having played with legends such as B.B King, or Albert King and being responsible for mixing hard rock guitar with blues, by still having the "emotion" known for blues and keeping it blues.
He was born in the 14th of April 1952, and is responsible for songs such as "Parisienne Walkways", "Out In The Fields", "After The War", "Cold Day In Hell", "The Loner", "Wild Frontier", "Still Got The Blues", "Empty Rooms", "Story Of The Blues", and "Murder In The Skies".
If you haven't heard those songs, I recommend you to do it.
Gary Moore went through different stages in his career going from Blues to rock and metal and back to blues. But he always shinned and keeps shining in what he does.
Guy 1: Hey Guy 2, did you listen to "Gary Moore - Murder In The Skies"?
Guy 2: Yes! It's so intense!

Guy 1: Hey Guy 2, did you listen to "Gary Moore - Parisienne Walkways"?
Guy 2: Yes! The emotion made me cry a river!
by Urik August 23, 2008
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Someone who continually proves his facts. Yet everyone blindly hates him because "oh no, he doesn't support Our President, he must be a liar." On His website, you will find proof that what he says is true. Everyone is saying that he hates America, which is not true at all. He hates Bush, and the lies he spreads. He does not hate the rest of the country.
Blind hater: "Moore is a liar"
Moore supporter: "But his facts are proven"
Blind Hater: "So?, He could be lying"
Moore supporter: "Well if they are prove-
Blind hater: "Shut up he's a liar!"
by Aleksandr Stevikov July 19, 2005
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College student 1: Yo, did you see Maya Moore play last night?
College student 2: Hell yea man, she dunked during warmups!
College student 1: Damn, hell yea!
by mayamoore July 30, 2011
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