A great runner of parks, roads and backyards. The best father, husband and best friend. The braaier of steaks, master of webers and king of flattys. Not too bad with a circular saw.
Beer maker, cupboard builder and best 80’s music dancer.
Met a cool guy last night, he’s a total Dean Moore, the whole package
by Fishyfish81 May 8, 2021
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To really fuck something up in a way only a rock star can do.
Me "Dude! What happened last night? Shit went sideways..."

Rock star "I stacy moored it and pissed my girl off on her birthday!"
by demon shits February 16, 2014
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South Moor, like iraq but worse, shootings stabbings and anti-social behaviour is very common. A place where police arrive slower than a pizza, and 12 year olds try to stab people up. Sometimes known as 'the moor' by locals of the surrounding area.
Dont mess with that guy, he's from south moor.

woah, he's nails, he's from the moor.
by DemolitionWill April 13, 2010
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Halton moor is a little place where youngsters blow up police cars,steal motorbikes and sell abit of weed. The olders of halton moor are usually quite paid but not from the best of jobs. It is filled with crackheads who have 1 shoe on and 1 shoe off AKA bobby doo, it is somewhere posh people shouldn’t walk about coz there socks will probably get taken from them.
by Halton moor beautiful place April 18, 2020
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The kind of child-molesting idiot who could only get elected in Alabama, and only because he's Republican.
Roy Moore somehow still almost won in Alabama. What a sad country we live in.
by America Lover 🇺🇸 November 17, 2018
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The act of sexual intercorse


" To Bone "
Dude, what happen with that bitch last night !

Vic: Oh yeah i fucking Roger Moored that bitch good !
by cooking vest November 26, 2009
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