When one partner is "in the mood" but becomes upset that the other partner is not in the mood to have sex.
Timmy got pissed last night because he tried all of his best moves, and Jane was unrelenting to his sexual advances. Tim was in the moody.
by prizza all day October 5, 2012
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When a person's emotions go from extreme high to extreme low in a short period of time. This variation can sometimes be scary, irritating, or even annoying!! >_<
eg. anne went from super hyper to super depressed in just an hour!
by *OxYgen July 5, 2004
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a type of mood that makes you feel good and comfortable.
I like hugging people, it's a moodie
by juriciic July 1, 2019
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is a sudden change in someone's behavior such as friendly to irritable and polite to hostile
Its hard to know where a person is about if their moody.
by Gerard Irick January 23, 2010
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London slang for 'stolen'.
Don't come round here with your moody goods, Pete - I'll have your face smashed in.

Harry picked-up another moody motor from Billericay.
by J_L June 22, 2006
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When you're in the MOOD for a DOOBIE.
When you really need a joint.
Someone says: Are you in the moodie???
Everyone answers: Yes!!!
You say: Then SPARK IT!
by Aaliyah Christen January 5, 2004
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