(verb) to make a careless wish or ask for something without thinking about the consequences.
She asked for a car for graduation, but she totally monkey pawed it because not only did her parents buy her a smelly used car, but they took the money from her college fund so now she can't live on campus the first year and have to commute from home.
by Coramis July 27, 2010
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An adjective; describing one's tendency to hold on to many items collected at random displaying extreme resistance to discard. Monkey paw is often prevalent in those who use stimulants and can strike at any moment. It is especially apparent when a person is trying to accomplish a simple task such as screwing in a lightbulb.
Oh boy! Looks like monkey paw is in full force today!... (as I look down and I'm white knuckling pliers, nail polish, a lighter I had given up on looking for, a bottle of water in my wing, and a paint brush).
by Laura Kroft March 29, 2018
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Marijuana that is laced with a powerful, unkown substance. It endows the individual with abilities such as, being able to consume large ammounts of multiple shots of varied and extremely high quality liquor. As well, Sylvester Stallone movies can be viewed while in this state.
"Dude, we got messed up on some monkey paw! Yeah, we drank alot of liquor& were still ok; and then for some reason we went and saw that horrible Stallone movie!"
by buzzsaw February 20, 2004
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When you when you're fisting a chick in the ass and she shits in your hand. You proceeded to take the shit and throw it at her like a monkey.
I showed her my affection towards her by giving her a steamy monkey paw
by Oprah's moustache March 23, 2012
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Every exceedingly positive thing has an exceedingly negative consequence.
Monkey's paw: The internet allowed you to see Daicon IV. The internet allowed for a group of retards to call it Ready Player One-tier.
by sanq January 19, 2019
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The named ascribed to a mythical creature which is behind all bad things that happen to you in the country of Pakistan. The Monkey Paw is a common urban legend for which locals place blame on for issues ranging from food poisioning to problems with local authorities to running out of hot water at the crappy house you live in. Bottom line? It's freaking everywhere!
Boy did I really get sick last night; the freaking Monkey Paw just reached up and grabbed my colon. The Money Paw snagged me last night as I passed through Customs... I didn't know alcohol was illegal! Its like The Monkey Paw just pushes cars on to the wrong side of the road in this country!
by kukotraveler May 9, 2012
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the pubic hair protruding from the sides of a womans bikini or underwear. Looks like a monkey paw behind the fabric.
Did you see the monkey paw on that foreign lady.
by JP408 June 7, 2007
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