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The scum sucking cutomer at a twenty four hour service station that expects the attendant to get out of his seat to serve food at 2am when you are half way through a twelve hour night shift
The Monkey Cunt wanted food from the back of the store, he should know I only serve petrol,no food.
by Juan Hunglow April 20, 2010
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Description of a black person

same as: Wog, black person, nigger, coon, darkie, spook, jungle bunny, bushwhacker, nig-nog, golly-wog etc....
"Oi! That fuckin monkey cunt just robbed that 8 year old girl!"
by London_Town October 27, 2007
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When you arguing with your homey and you need a smooth ass insult to put that little bitch in his place.
-"you wanna fucking die today homie?"
- " sit the fuck down you gay ass MONKEY CUNT."
by OneUglyAssBitch November 24, 2016
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