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She is a quiet person that everyone would want to be her friend. She is a show stopper. She's smart and an amazing person. Show her shade she wouldn't pay no mind. In the beginning you'll notice that she's quiet but as time flies she'll change and you'll be wondering where has she been all my life! She will always have your bad threw ups and downs, twist and turns, heartbreaks and non-heartbreaks.
You a lucky person to have found a person like Monei in your life!
by KindnessisKey April 27, 2017
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Monei is a guy who is really sweet and kind. He has that amazing sense of humor that everyone looks for. Once you truly get to know monei you'll wonder where he has been all your life. He is super hot and doesn't like to start the conversation first. He can be pretty shy but once you get to know him he doesn't hold back.
You're really luck to have someone like Monei in your life.
by Baked_potato April 20, 2017
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