Unattainable, eccentric, insane, colourful and spontaneous woman.

Also used as a term for skillful stealing eg "I totally moired this sick console"

To dance, sing or entertain people unintentionally, through your actions...

Moire is strong, masculine but sexy, loyal and fierce.

she WILL tear your testicles off.
that chick is so Moire I wish I could drink like that.
by Gypsy, Merry and Hinzey... September 24, 2011
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Basically means chilling, doing nothing, not paranoid or worried about anything.
Man you guys are acting to hyped about nothing, gotsta be more moir like me.
by tom rapt May 14, 2007
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Moir is a surname from Scotland its is a Scottish surname
Hello my name is Tommy Moir and this is my sister Sasha Moir
by Lil Kiten September 05, 2019
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a geek that gets into oxford, likes to flash his knob at parties, likes capitalist websites and the 2004 primaries.
aaaaahhh i hate moir!!!

oh my god...you'e such a moir!!!
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an odd man that goes on a walk as a date with a dog that he into. He dates a girl who sounds like a librarian but looks like she gonna go into solitary confinement and doesn't even know if hes dating her
wha is that MAX MOIR
by big fat man October 19, 2020
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god of llamas :D
she goes into battle with jelly filled rifles and pudding cups, with greanpeace skata keg :P
shes one sexy moir-mattox
by llama sex god June 28, 2007
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