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One of the nicest people alive. They have a big heart and an even bigger smile. Mohaned is also funny in their own unique way. Mohaned doesn't believe violence is the answer but if it comes down to it then watch out.
"If you need someone, Mohaned is there. Don't try mess with him though."
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by KitKatChunky886 April 04, 2017
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A fat fuck who always creates problems, even when he isn’t doing anything something has to happen that involves him, thinks he is never wrong and just becuase he got some big guys number he thinks he can talk shit to any and everyone he sees, He thinks everyone around him are chamacks, and his idol is Hamdan’s father.
“Ya yeyal mayy gooloon”

“Agoolack Goomt al murooshid”
“You know Hamdan’s father”
“My names not mohaned if....”
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wallah this guy talks too much chamak level 15 wahad look this dub khaneeth what will he do. sah buzz ya rayal fix ya rayal. 300 red report wallah too much
"He's been suspended so many times, why hasn't he been expelled?"
"Because he's local man, you can't expel Mohaned"
by THECYKA June 06, 2018
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