One word to describe any of the activities that are conducted using mobile devices such as mobile phones, smart phones and, tablets -the activities can be telephoning, emailing, texting. photographing, filming, Skypeing, Facebooking, browsing, Online Dating, flirting, winking, liking, Tweeting, surfing, scrolling, listening, reading, sharing ..................... We are not quite sure what activity is being undertaken , whatever it is - it is being conducted on or by a mobile device
Have you seen that dude mobiling

He is over there mobiling
by Sometime Dr Johnson December 20, 2013
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having a car & being able to drive places .
Can be referred to if your dealer can drive & deliver places . (:
amy ; "ayyyy, you mobile? i needa dub !"
mac ; "yeah , where you at ?"
by potheaaaad;) April 28, 2010
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mobile is a word that means you have a source of transportation meaning you have a car
mobile hey monica i need a ride to work are you mobile
by erik mendoza June 02, 2006
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A city in South Alabama on the Gulf Coast of the United States. Founded in 1702 and the first capitol of French Louisiana. Original home of Mardi Gras in the USA.

Pronounced mo-BEEL. Also known to many locals as Mobtown.
This year I'm going to Mobile for Mardi Gras because it's more fun than New Orleans.
by CarpeMomentum August 19, 2010
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a small wireless telecommunications device used to contact people on. not to be confused with a 'cell phone', the mobile's primative american cousin, a 'cell phone' also runs on 'gasoline' whereas the more techincaly advanced mobile uses petrol.
i taunted americans with my mobile
i called tony blair on my mobile
i hit a rapist with my mobile
by William Gates February 04, 2005
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The only word Australian and British people use to describe a 'cell phone'. I have never heard an Aussie say 'cell phone'.
Hint: To be cooler, say: 'Mobie'.
"Have ya got ya mobile on ya?"
"Some muh-fucka jacked me for my mobie."
by Diego August 21, 2003
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