You don’t believe in God! I don’t believe in luck! They don’t believe us, but I believe we’re the enemy! Uh uh uh uh uh

Hey, Jerrel what’s that song that has Gerard Way moaning in it?
Oh, Gerald it’s DESTROYA.
by Prince Gayngel January 15, 2021
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Moaning is the act of a girl expressing there pleasure of the guy most likely at the back shoving there dick inside the girl to make the moaning.
Key: oh I bet you like that little bitch
Alexis: ughh oh ugh (Moaning) yes daddy ugh
Key: ill never stop ohhhh yeahhhh
by PussieEater 445 November 4, 2019
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Alright you little pervert...
I know you're probably at school and all the sites are blocked.
Just wait until you get home-
Why is Mom moaning?
by bewildered_bee January 2, 2021
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something that your classmates do for no fvcking reason
person1: hey wanna drive you home?
person2: no, my daddy is going to
person1: **moans**
person2: NOT THAT

person3: who the f is moaning like that?
by imabananadudedontalktomeh April 25, 2022
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The noise typically associated with a woman when she does not get her own way. Possibly one of thhe most annoying noises that you can experience
Moaning is how women typically respond to something they disagree with for no reason
by Urbanoverlord February 3, 2019
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Every 7th grader at school bc they think it makes them look cool/funny
7th grader 1: *Moans *
All the other 7th graders: HAHAHAHHAHAHAHAH SO FUNNY.
Me: ..
by Mr.Black.nigg March 11, 2021
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what i’m doimg rn baby
oooh fuck yes right there baby, i’m so close oh goooood”

Guy: “I got her moaning so loud last night bro”
by moaningbabe2.0 November 12, 2017
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