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"DESTROYA" is the 12th track on My Chemical Romance's album, Danger Days: The True Lives Of The Fabulous Killjoys & is a fight song. DESTROYA is about being pitted against all odds and finding the lack of faith in yourself and in everything turns yourself into your own enemy.

And "DESTROYA" then means take down everything in your path, destroy every obstacle that is keeping you from your goal or holding you back. You tear shit up to "Destroya".

It could also be that "Destroya" means it is destroying you, but this would still result in a need to fight and keep fighting even if it is against all odds.
"You Don't Believe In God,
I Don't Believe In Luck,
They Don't Believe In Us,
But I Believe We're The Enemy


by bangboom December 17, 2010
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DESTROYA is one of the songs from my chemical romances album Danger Days it's pretty well known for its moans...

they're hot lmao
No one:
Crankthatfranks chat when he plays destroya:UHUHUHUHUHUHUH
by Mcrslut August 11, 2019
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Not to be mistaken with "Destroyer" This word is slang for "mean drunk", except, a "Destroya" is a person who gets angry and paranoid for no apparent reason at all, as demonstrated on JGT's underground rap song "Destroy You" shows how someone who is completely normal when sober can transform into a "Destroya" when they have too much to drink.
A "Destroya" is someone with extreme paranoia for no reason only when drunk
"What? You all hate me? I know you do! Ill fucking kill you all, motherfuckers!"
by Balkon June 02, 2007
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