The best area of Massachusetts, mostly considered as towns west of Worcester, also it isn’t the corrupt Eastern Mass where Mr Fitzgerald lives.
Western Mass is the best.

Easter Mass sucks while Western Mass rocks.
by Eastern Mass sucks October 16, 2018
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Short for Western Massachusetts. Western Mass is, as the name implies, the western half of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts and is made up of four counties, Berkshire, Franklin, Hampden, and Hampshire. Often called Massachusetts' "better half" due to the fact that it offers the same charm as the eastern half of the state, with more natural scenery and less hussle and bussle.
Who knew there was such great music and restaurants, in Western Mass?
by Bottlevsface December 24, 2005
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read: middle of nowhere

The western part of Massachusetts, considered anything past Worchester for the most part. Includes some small towns, but mostly trees and cows. The reaction to anyone from the good part of Massachusetts when asked if they have heard of a town in Western Mass is "Where's that?"
"No way, you're from Massachusetts? I was born in Leyden!"
"... Where's that? Western Mass??"
by Stovetop Joe March 09, 2012
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a group of rednecks from the northampton area who wheel around in there trucks and get as muddy as possible. if the see mud any where they go through it. they take risky chance going wheeling anywhere ewven if its illegal like the meadows. you earn your spot. they arnt afraid to get there trucks burried they do give a shit.
western mass mud mafia:let go get the trucks and wheel the meadows and drink some beer have a chew,
by jake8892 June 19, 2008
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