To annoy somebody. To act as something you are not. To act outside of the context of a given situation, therefore annoying everybody around you. To make dumb comments. To make obnoxious noises.
Why are you being bidan? This guy is bidaning me out. Look at this person driving, they are straight bidan. I need to talk to you about something important, so I will email you, because I'm bidan.
by PapaFriya June 06, 2010
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When you fuck a girl in the ass while having your own ass cleaned by a bidet.
Caitlin Butthole walked in on me while I was taking a shit. She wouldn't give me a blumpkin, so I had to settle for some bidanal.
by The Red Eyed Jedi August 25, 2008
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Arabic word, literally means 'two eggs', but is often used as a vulgar reference to the testicles
'I hurt my bidan'
by Johnny Rogers July 24, 2003
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