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Mizzled is when somebody deliberately misleads or dupes you with malicious intent. You can be "misled" by bad directions but your cheater boyfriend "mizzled" you into thinking your relationship was great when in fact he was engaged to someone else. This is an important distinction, because often you start out thinking you were misled, only to find out later, you were MIZZLED!
Laura mizzled me into thinking that Blake had a girlfriend when in fact he didn't. All because she wanted him for herself.
by Peneloppe Pittstop September 14, 2009
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Beyond good. Beyond off the hook. To a degree of festiveness that exceeds the capacity of most human comprehension.
SNAP!!! THATS STRAIGHT TRIPPIN! Why if that was any better it would be mizzled!!!!
on the other hand...
Alpacas, the most unmizzled animals in the world, pray upon small children while they are asleep and eat their limbs.
by The GRAKAT Dictionary May 07, 2005
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