3 definitions by Plead The Fifth

No-talent femcee who thinks she fine.
No Missy, you're not Foxy Brown. You ain't no greatest and no one wants to work that.
by Plead The Fifth January 11, 2005
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Signs of a bopper:

1. Socks tucked under tongue of shoes
2. Wearing a backpack when going out, when there is NOTHING or almost nothing in it
3. Uses rubberbands on the bottom of pant legs/ ties one or both pant legs at mid-calf
4. Listens to the exact same (crappy) music that everyone else in their crew listens to; i.e. Yellowcard, N sync, Britney Spears, Nelly, 50 Cent, Jay-Z, etc
5. Watches MTV 24/7
6. Follows ANY new trend (fold out Converses,
7. Goes to malls multiple times a week
8. Pastes pictures of boy band members or pop artists all over walls, sometimes completely covering them
9. Females only Wears excessive amounts of pink
10. Males only Dye your hair different colors every month

Applicable to male/female teenagers, and even 20-year olds.
Damn that girl Melissa be a bopper, I ain't touchin' that. Jay said she watches MTV all day and told him to stuff his Chucks and tie rubberbands on his pants. Shits disgusting.
by Plead The Fifth January 06, 2005
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Some 'uh teeth here, some 'uh teeth there.
Howard Stern: She has summer teeth.
Guy: Whats that?
Howard Stern: Some 'uh teeth here, some 'uh teeth there
*All laugh*
by Plead The Fifth January 17, 2005
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