An admission of jealousy. "I'm so jealous". An adaptation of the phrase "miso horny", which is a mutation of the phrase "me so horny", which is a poorly translated version of the phrase "I'm so horny". But with jealousy instead of horn.

Miso jelly could also conceivably be a type of food, which facilitates humourous use of the phrase as a pun.
"OMG you got the latest iButtPlug, MISO JELLY"

"What's the matter baby? Can't finish your supersized bowl of miso jelly?"
by iddles July 10, 2012
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A person who gets sexually aroused from being sprayed in the mouth by Asians with spicy, egg ridden diarrhea.
God, my dad is a serious "Miso Muncher", it's really quite disgusting.
by caIamari February 5, 2020
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1. A common oriental soup
2. When one fucks their partner so hard in the anus that a strange liquid resembling miso soup in taste and smell spurts forth from the rectum.
1. I sampled a fine recipe for miso soup today. It was delicious.
2. I miso souped dat bitch 'til she done gone 'sploded out da ass!
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when a guy gets spit and semen into a girl's vagina creating a mixture similar to miso soup (specially the tofu).
I could make miso soup all day long.
by jap_fastfood May 11, 2006
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A modern variation of the traditional Japanese miso soup to which Spanish fly is added as an aphrodisiac.
When Keiko and I went to our favorite sushi restaurant for lunch last week, I encouraged her to try the miso-horny soup.

Less than two hours later, she was practically ripping my clothes off.
by whimzzical June 25, 2010
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Basically its a indirect way to propose to someone.
his crush : Good morning!
Him : *stunned by her* can you make me miso soup every morning?
his crush : What does that mean?
by The side Popcorn Stand November 19, 2021
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no. not that food dish.

a half korean half european singer under you.will.knovv ent, which happens to be Dean's company. if you know and like her, please expect a marriage ring to be delivered to you because your music taste is top notch. her music carries a dreamy, lost, lowkey sad and a very unique vibe, which is thoroughly enjoyable.

shes also a part of Club eskimo (a sort of unofficial music group consisting of Dean, Offonoff, Crush, Rad museum, punchnello and a few more folks)
you would definitely like her if you also happen to be a fan of Offonoff, Crush, Rad museum and Dean.
some song recommendations would be Take me (BLACKPINK's Lisa danced to this once so its quite known), Alone, Slow running and Let it go.
person 1: recommend me a good song to hear while working on my boring assignments
person 2: Take me. by. miso. exists.
by into-the-sun January 18, 2022
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