An amazing girl, tall, absolutely gorgeous, and a great singer. A Miriam has light brown hair and deep brown eyes, but looks great as a red-head. She has nice boobs and a nice ass. Her voice gives you chills when she sings, and her laugh is the cutest thing you've ever heard. Her smile can light up a room, and she always finds a way to make people happy. A Miriam is a hard worker and is very kind and loves to help others. She is dedicated, trustworthy, loyal, and reliable. A Miriam will sometimes act younger than her age, but is always responsible and has a good head on her shoulders.
Her nickname is Mimi.
Boy 1: Hey, did you get a chance to talk to that hot girl over there?
Boy 2: Yeah, I did. She's such a Miriam!
by itsjazzbaby182 December 23, 2012
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Miriam is a girl whom is manipulative at times, she can be bitchy, mostly always sarcastic, she’s funny, weird, and very clumsy. Once you start dating a miriam everything will be great, she knows how to keep a relationship going, but her head will deceive her she’ll over think situations and start to question but then she’ll stop for a while, any guy would be lucky to date a miriam she’s caring, lovable, beautiful, and an amazing person all out. Miriam is a good friend she’ll listen to your problems, she puts other people’s feelings before her own, to make sure they are doing well, she’s straight up honest with you, she’s the type of person you will find laughing at serious situations. If you ever date a miriam or find a friend like miriam don’t lose her, she’s the best think that’ll ever happen to you.
dave: i use to date a miriam

lucas: what happened between you guys?

dave: i let her go, worst decision ever
by teehee71 May 27, 2019
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Miriam is a strong and independent woman with blue eyes and golden curly hair. She is sassy and beautiful with a nice ass. She is a bad ass and doesn’t give a shit but is very intelligent. She speaks her mind and is brutally honest. She usually wears leggings and a crop top with her hair down.
Jeff- Did you Miriam in her leggings!?

Will- Yes! She has a nice ass ima cuff her.
by MGS10 November 25, 2018
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The goodest girl that obeys her parents and is the class pet usally and has all the hottests guys
Miriamwell become Mariam
via giphy
by Wolf423 March 14, 2017
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Miriam is the most likeable and attractive person you'll meet.she'll be there for you through your darkest times and makes sure you're happy.she's the type of person who you'd die to get a hug from.she has the most beautiful smile.she has so much love in her heart.she's da purest human ever.
"Have you heard about Miriam,I've heard that her presence can cure depression"
by Ilovemiriam June 19, 2019
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Miriam is definitely the most beautiful soul I ever met. She is the kindest and at the same time the sexiest person I ever met. Her loyalty is huge, her love is big, her laugh makes you smile immediately and her heart is wide open.

She cares about her family and friends and will be there for you every second you need her. She writes the cutest postcards and takes the nicest pictures. Her sense of beauty, music and art is giant. Miriam is really smart, independent and self confident. Unfortunately not self confident enough to dance with me the whole night, but I think we can change this in the future.

Her brown eyes and her curly hair makes you crazy from the first moment. Her body is hot, especially her botty! I’m sure she noticed, because no one can’t, but it always seams like she don’t know about her beauty and her effect on others.
She deserves only the best and more.
I love her from the bottom of my heart!
Miriam is perfect, exactly the way she is!
by alinundmatoschka August 06, 2020
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Miriam’s are the best of the best. They have perfect brown eyes with amazing brown dark hair. Her smile could light up a whole room. She loves her friends and wouldn’t ever backstab anybody. She gives love like no other and she very passionate and confident in what she wants to do. She sometimes tends to give her love to some people who don’t deserve her love.
Person 1: OMG who’s that?
Person 2: that’s my loyal best friend, Miriam.
by wackkksam November 17, 2019
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