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Someone in a same-sex relationship who receives, not gives. Typically between two men but it also works with females or other gay relationships.
Person 1: Man John and I had a really awesome time last night.
Person 2: Oh I get it, did you give it to him hard? *wink wink*
Person 1: No, I'm more of a bottom haha.
by Lesbiab April 07, 2018

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Someone Gay who is heavily into space/space related things.
Person A: Omg, did you hear about the new SpaceX launch! My gay ass is going to space one day!
Person B: Dude you're such an astrogay. Its fucking ridiculous.
by Lesbiab April 07, 2018

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Anyone who isn't straight, white, christian, or upper-middle class.
College: So tell me about yourself.
Person: Oh, well I enjoy art, engineering, etc. And I'm also homosexual and I'm a middle-lower class citizen.
College: Oh...I'm sorry, we aren't looking for applications...starting now.
Person: Wait what?!
College: Yeah we just prefer....not the minority.
Person: Bitch I paid a whole fucking $150 dollars for this interview.
by Lesbiab April 07, 2018

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