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A term used by companies to describe people who are not white.
"We're looking to hire people from minority groups!"
"Great, I'm a trans, gay, and disabled person!"
"Are you white?"
"Not applicable."
by Mattjod March 14, 2021

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A member of a villanous group of rabbits from the video game Super Mario Odyssey, assisting Bowser in planning his wedding with Princess Peach and trying to stop Mario from rescuing her.
Which Broodal is your favorite?
The Broodal fights in Super Mario Odyssey are pretty decent.
by Mattjod March 14, 2021

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An animal from the hit game Super Mario 3D World + Bowser's Fury, as well as the best thing Nintendo ever created. A seagull with cat ears.
Did you see those adorable cat seagulls in Bowser's Fury?
by Mattjod March 13, 2021

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