36 definitions by Mattjod

The practice of using alternative accounts to farm rare starting items in an online video game to be transferred to a single account.
I did some alt farming and got tons of gems really quickly!
by Mattjod July 30, 2021
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A post made to social media involving pictures of the poster's cats.
I'm catposting about my kitty sleeping in the sun.
by Mattjod May 17, 2022
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An animal from the hit game Super Mario 3D World + Bowser's Fury, as well as the best thing Nintendo ever created. A seagull with cat ears.
Did you see those adorable cat seagulls in Bowser's Fury?
by Mattjod March 14, 2021
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I totally fucked her right in her cave last night!
by Mattjod July 30, 2021
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A light-hearted way of virtually paying respect online to someone's misfortune, originating from the meme "Press F to pay respects." Often misused.
"my grandmother just died... she was the best person i ever knew, and i really miss her..."

by Mattjod July 30, 2021
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A slang term for a weak underling or minion, originating from the Super Mario enemy of the same name.
by Mattjod July 30, 2021
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When a projectile in a bullet hell game touches the player's sprite, but doesn't touch the hitbox. Awards bonus points.
I got a ton of bonus points in that level from grazing.

You need to graze in order to get a high score.
by Mattjod July 30, 2021
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