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Western suburb of Minneapolis, MN of approximately 50,000 residents. The high school is notorious for being conservative, disrespectful, filthy rich and, of course, almost completely caucasian. Although some of this is true, it is no worse than the majority of the nearby suburbs, especially Wayzata.
Minnetonka's state champ football team is the best team money can buy.
by Skipper December 25, 2004
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Minnetonka is a suburb of Minneapolis, MN. It is a renowned school district with the high school being the best musical theatre school in the state. It is a mostly caucasian area but is petty beast!!
I saw this musical the other day at Minnetonka! It was better than Broadway!
by Dancermcm January 01, 2010
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Minnetonka is a city in the Minneapolis Area in Minnesota. Tonka for short, this place kicks ass! All the hot girls and guys go to thier highschool, and its a pretty wealthy area. Mostly white people, other races can stand out at thier schools. Edina sucks compared to tonka, and Eden Prarie looks like a school of gang bangers compared to Tonka. Wayzatas ok.... ehhh nothing special! No hot guys! Minnetonka is known for being the best school in the state of Minnesota, with students that are all geniuses and an average grade point there is a 3.9! It rules! suck it bitches
ex. Minnetonka is soo awesome!
ex. Man, i wish i went to Minnetonka, they have everything! including a coffee shop in thier school! Caribou coffee you mofos
by Missbigassbootychickaflick August 14, 2011
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BEAST! A great school. Everyone is rich, and everyone thinks their problems are worse than everyone elses. Minnetonka is good at everything though, and other cities around it are just jealous. Everyone wants to be a skipper! Excelsior is the funnest city in Minnetonka. It also has a great trail for walking, biking, and getting raped!!(jk)
dude #1: I really wish I went to Minnetonka!
dude #2: Why? I hate it here!
dude #1: Well its way better than any other school!
dude #2: Yeah, I guess your right, haha you cake eater!!
by blahblah!10 April 10, 2011
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A suburb west of Minneapolis with a school district that thinks people's hard earned tax money, that is put into EDUCATION, is best used for useless, million dollar expansions.Most of them are just to look cool. The most recent one is at Minnetonka High School, where the place is basically being made to look like a mall, it will even have a coffee shop.Minnetonka also complains about it when they don't have enough money when they are spending like there's no tommorow.

Most people who go to the high school, being mindless drones,don't realize what a huge waste of tax money it is, without stopping to think "hey, maybe minnetonka isn't the most important place in the world".
3 people that go to MHS
Person 1:hey dude did you see the construction they're doing ?!
Person 2:yeah man this is gonna be so sweet we gonna get coffee shop!
Intelligent Person:well this is just a part of the construction they are doing in the school and the district, it has to cost millions if not tens of millions of dollars, and it is tax money that they are wasting. I don't even pay taxes and this makes me really mad.
Person 1: OMG shut up retard minnetonka is amazing it so tight, I mean our team is called the skippers!
Intelligent Person: *Facepalm*
by yes really December 02, 2009
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Another of the yuppie suburbs of the real MplS, where all the rich white boys go to their expensive schools in their neighboorhoods with no sidewalks. Everyone who is actually from MplS is embaressed to be associated with these bootleg pricks.
Minnetonka is one of the worst of the Minneapolis suburbs, all of which suck, including Edina. Everyday I Need Attention:EDINA.
by PvS May 30, 2006
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Wannabe cake-eaters. People form Minnetonka, like most suburbs of the twin cities, are just jealous that they arent from edina. There is no getting around it, Edina is just superior.
Minnetonka has the Lakes, but Edina has the boats.
by TiffanyOharris November 02, 2005
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