(adjective) Exceedingly small; restricted in size by comparison with most others of the same kind or class.
(overheard in an office with shared cubicles) "Why do I always get this mini-me chair? I cant even reach the desk!" or... "I used to drive a station-wagon. Now I can't even fit my groceries in this stupid mini-me car."
by {M} June 05, 2005
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a dude or girl that sucks up to someone cool, hangs on their every word & basically duplicates their style... often seen in person agreeing with everything they say and on FB liking every status
Cool Guy: "These are some ill waves"
Mini me: "Yeah totally man"
Cool Guy: "Nah actually they suck"
Mini me: "you're right, they do"
Cool guy: "lets go eat"
Mini me: "yeah i'm so hungry dude"
by JEErzze October 26, 2010
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A name for...

1) a mini replica of yourself.

2) a penis.
1) My mini me is coming right this way.

2) Does my mini me have to be like this? Bad doggie.
by xironanime July 26, 2016
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On the same time, clothes , tunes ,energy & etc
You my mini me๐Ÿคง
by Grape103 July 19, 2018
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