Short for Military Simulation. It is usually a type of airsoft game often consisting of several hundred players, usually wearing a standardized loadout for whichever side in the game they are playing on so they will be recognizable to their teammates and add to the realism of the event. They can sometimes last several days, and are often very expensive to get ready for depending on what kind of gear you need for the event and what kind of gear you already have. Milsim games are typically more organized than a standard pickup game at a local airsoft field, being that squads often communicate with radios, and different squads have different objectives. Milsim games can vary in realism quite substantially, some even going all the way through the night, using pyrotechnics to increase the effect, and sometimes even using real guns firing blank rounds.
Man, I wish I had enough gear and money to go that Milsim West milsim game!
by The Very Merry Crusader January 11, 2015
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A word that is short for "Military Simulation"

A game in which adults and teenagers follow military style objectives in order to win against an opposing force of other adults and teenagers.

A Military Simulation game that can take an average of 1-3 days to complete.
TTF Milsim is a very good military simulation group!
by January 6, 2015
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Military Simulation, also used to describe the type of style an airsofter play, CQC or Milsim, usually used as a term by airsofters and some paintballers to show off how fancy their gear looks and the money they are willing to pay to play rediculous airsoft games
Peter S is Milsim

"What type of airsoft do you run?" "I play Outdoor Milsim."
by Sssttteeevvveeee August 16, 2011
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A bunch of Shitheads on a game trying to be cool and Simulate the Military
Look at those MilSim Faggots
by 1stFR Col Chase August 24, 2019
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A milsimer is someone who spends way to much on there equipment and take the sport of airsoft pretty seriously, normally when playing airsoft at your local field you will probably see a lot of these guys unless it is an indoor field, you will spot them pretty easily as they normally sport a helmet, plate carrier, holster for there elite force 1911 or Glock, and there Multicam, and how chunky they can be. Most of them are pretty open about how much they hate speedsofters because they “never call there hits” although you may find yourself needing to shoot these special kind of players a few extra times.
Hey look, that milsimer is not calling there hits.
by Fasterthanu February 15, 2021
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ROBLOX MilSim is generally a niche of people who LARP as "soldiers". Unfortunately, a very large majority of these people are just as toxic and pedophilic as rogangsters. They tend to wear either fictional or real-world uniforms from various militaries, though most will be wearing copy-paste OCPs, M81s, or Russian camouflage and overrated Community Creation gear. Take everything they say with a grain of salt, MilSimmers are very easy people to enrage in pointless arguments with. They love to suck people off for free ranking in groups as well. They typically tend to talk about what kind of round they think is best to kill themselves with, or why an M60 Patton tank is far better at running over refugees than a Challenger II. The typical armchair soldier spends many hours in ROBLOX/Discord military group games and dedicate their souls to their group. Many MilSimmers also bear the dreaded Premium badge. Many of them tend to be either far-left braindead retards or far-right chuds, those in between are a very small few. They talk real game but aren't actually any threat when you ignore them. Overall, they are just a well-organized rogangster militia but more LARPing and grooming than usual.
"Hey, which 7.62mm round should I shoot my cat with? The Tungsten carbide ones are good at armor penetration and better than the shitty standards!" - Standard ROBLOX MilSimmer
"I don't know John, maybe you should use the 120mm APFSDS, it's far better at penetration."
by ROBLOX Historian January 22, 2021
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A high speed collection of Degenerates. They fly under Blackbeard’s flag & embrace the pirate philosophies for freedom. They can potentially leave you beerless and womanless. These Chads are a close knit group of meat eating alpha males, who will dominate on and off the airsoft field.
Look at the Degenerate Milsim Group go! Hey Bro, how do I join the Degenerates Milsim Group?
by Degenerates Milsim Group November 23, 2021
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