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Short for Military Simulation. It is usually a type of airsoft game often consisting of several hundred players, usually wearing a standardized loadout for whichever side in the game they are playing on so they will be recognizable to their teammates and add to the realism of the event. They can sometimes last several days, and are often very expensive to get ready for depending on what kind of gear you need for the event and what kind of gear you already have. Milsim games are typically more organized than a standard pickup game at a local airsoft field, being that squads often communicate with radios, and different squads have different objectives. Milsim games can vary in realism quite substantially, some even going all the way through the night, using pyrotechnics to increase the effect, and sometimes even using real guns firing blank rounds.
Man, I wish I had enough gear and money to go that Milsim West milsim game!
by The Very Merry Crusader January 11, 2015
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A word that is short for "Military Simulation"

A game in which adults and teenagers follow military style objectives in order to win against an opposing force of other adults and teenagers.

A Military Simulation game that can take an average of 1-3 days to complete.
TTF Milsim is a very good military simulation group!
by January 05, 2015
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Military Simulation, also used to describe the type of style an airsofter play, CQC or Milsim, usually used as a term by airsofters and some paintballers to show off how fancy their gear looks and the money they are willing to pay to play rediculous airsoft games
Peter S is Milsim

"What type of airsoft do you run?" "I play Outdoor Milsim."
by Sssttteeevvveeee August 15, 2011
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