These are an extremely strange species on ROBLOX. Most rogangsters usually wear poorly cropped versions of their preferred clothing brands, such as Supreme, Bape, and Louis Vuitton. They will often wear gang colors to display their allegiance to their Lego version of the Bloods or Crips. They. It is common to see them wearing a combination of the Ultimate Victory Headband, Bed Hair, and Surgeon's Mask. It is also extremely common to find most of them on games like "Da Hood", "The streets", and sometimes Meepcity parties which appears to be their habitat. Without rogangsters, both games would die off. But they would also be better places.
In limited terms, Rogangsters are basically ROBLOXians trying to be all big, scary and bad and tell someone they live in the hood along with stating they will kill someones their family if they say something even remotely bad about them. when in reality most of them are 10 year old suburban twat with anger issues.
by BonelessJohn August 01, 2020
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insecure 12 year old white kids acting like the stereotypical african-american gangster, hence why they make their skin dark-colored, on roblox
if you are a rogangster please reevaluate your life choices
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kids on roblox who pretend to be gangsters and are annoying. they usualy wear all the same hair/hats and dress like rich people in the hood.
i hate those rogangsters and robangers they are so annoying
by wo1fyz November 02, 2020
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Asshole little boys who try to act gangster in a blocky game called roblox because they cannot communicate in real life and they cannot be tough in real life.
by Tbirder August 26, 2021
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White spoiled shits on Roblox with edgy avatars and pretend to be hood kids. They claim to do various crimes when in reality, they're too afraid to wield a knife, let alone even shoplift. The age range goes from 8 to 12. You can identify these people by their speech (examples: ".." "I-"), their avatars (will have poor quality versions of wealthy cosmetics brands and unrealistic proportions), and will constantly tell you to "mic up."
Rogangsters: *exists*
God: Humanity was a mistake.
by GameMech March 24, 2021
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