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Close-Quarters Combat

Same definition as CQB; it's a martial-arts inspired art of hand-to-hand combat. CQC can also be used when you have a flat knife and a handgun equipped at the same time.
The reason a flat knife (such as, say, a Colt Combat Commander) is recommended with a handgun is because, when you're equipped with both at once, and you're engaging in shootouts, you can rest the knife on the grip while holding the gun the way you should be to maintain capability (see gun control). Thus if you suddenly engage in proximity encounter, you can immediately switch between a handgun and a knife.

"CQC is only recommended for special forces personnel. It doesn't work for everyone."
-Motosada Mori
"CQC is awesome, but for me, it would be difficult to memorize ALL the moves. In real-life I mean."
by Dave February 12, 2005
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Close-Quarters Combat
Relating to heated situations where heavy gunfire is used in popularised locations (grossly cities)
In the late 70's, Any militaristic occurances where combat ensured in large buildings (such as malls or houses) was referred to as CQC. Battles fought indoors often consisted of uneasy navigations through narrow corridors, doorways and staircases, where the two waring parties would kill each other off. This method of combat was labeled "CQC".
Later renamed to Urban Combat, CQC is now widely known as martial arts, mainly muay thai
News broadcast; The CQC that took place today, was a massacre. 10 officers injured, 5 killed. The body count of the perpetrators is still unknown
by Aaron O'Gorman November 07, 2005
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