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An airsoft player who began playing airsoft because he thought it would be just like call of duty and then he could brag to all of the other 12 year olds playing COD that he played airsoft.
Airsofter: I'm tired of all of these Codsofters not calling their hits when I shot them from 20 feet away.

Codsofter: No you just can't aim
by The Very Merry Crusader January 12, 2015
Short for Military Simulation. It is usually a type of airsoft game often consisting of several hundred players, usually wearing a standardized loadout for whichever side in the game they are playing on so they will be recognizable to their teammates and add to the realism of the event. They can sometimes last several days, and are often very expensive to get ready for depending on what kind of gear you need for the event and what kind of gear you already have. Milsim games are typically more organized than a standard pickup game at a local airsoft field, being that squads often communicate with radios, and different squads have different objectives. Milsim games can vary in realism quite substantially, some even going all the way through the night, using pyrotechnics to increase the effect, and sometimes even using real guns firing blank rounds.
Man, I wish I had enough gear and money to go that Milsim West milsim game!
by The Very Merry Crusader January 11, 2015
Airsoft is a military simulation game. It involves dressing in military or law enforcement gear and usually camouflage and shooting members of the opposing teams with plastic or bio-degradeable BBs (meaning Ball-Bearings) fired from airsoft guns. Airsoft guns are usually 1:1 replica firearms that function externally in similar ways. Airsoft guns are usually powered by gas, a battery which runs a motor, or just a spring. Guns run by spring power are usually called "springers" and looked down upon by every real airsofter. They are usually purchased for tweenage children who don't know any better, or whose parents don't know any better. Airsoft is often compared to paintball, which makes no sense because they are two very different games which attract different people who are looking for different things to do. Airsoft also incorporates the use of real military and law enforcement tactics, and games can get very intense. It is an honor based game, meaning if you feel yourself get hit with a BB, or even suspect it, you need to call yourself out. The majority of players do this, though a small minority decide that they are invincible and never call their hits which ruins the fun for everyone else. All in all, if you are willing to spend a lot of money on a hobby, you should give airsoft a try. You just might love it.
Lets go play airsoft this weekend! I got a new gun!
by The Very Merry Crusader January 12, 2015
The only time that anybody will watch luge, curling, table tennis, ski jumping, or people swimming laps. Happens every other year, switching from winter to summer Olympics each time, often times being really awkward for the leaders of the countries who hate each other.
Right when I get really interested in seeing who wins in figure skating in the Olympics, they switch to curling.

The Olympics is that special time that ping pong becomes known as Table Tennis for a few weeks.
by The Very Merry Crusader January 11, 2015
A sport where most of the players profess its superiority to airsoft, just as many airsoft players do to paintball, when in actuality they are two different games appealing to different people for different reasons and can't really be compared to each other.
Guy 1: Paintball is the best, airsoft sucks so much in comparison!

Guy 2: No paintball sucks, it's so unrealistic and super expensive compared to airsoft!

Guy 3: SHUT UP! Two different games for different people, just play whichever one you like best and leave it at that!
by The Very Merry Crusader January 11, 2015
A person who has to look up the definition of ignoramus on Urban Dictionary to find out what it means.
George had to look up the definition of ignoramus and irony. What an ignoramus!
by The Very Merry Crusader January 12, 2015
The place that people with horrible arguments filled with logical fallacies go to post their arguments and opinions in an authoritative manner because nobody is able to leave a comment arguing against them. Formerly used to discover the meaning of slang words.
My little brother went to Urban Dictionary thinking it would be a totally G rated site. He was wrong.
by The Very Merry Crusader January 12, 2015